the old stone house

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road trip!  on a quest to earn my ‘visit an old stone house’ merit badge.

Mr. Bossy, Camille, and I took a little road trip to Helena, the capital state of Montana, to be with friends for their daughter’s graduation from Carroll College.

Here is what we saw on the way.  My dream stone house.  It has been my dream stone house for as long as I can remember, but this was the first time we took the hike to it and got a lil tour of the inside.  My friend Krista and her pop love this house, too.  We have a lot of similar dreams that way.  I may weep through this post as I cannot stand how good this house is or how beautiful it must have been in its hey day.

from the road                                                       getting a closer look

(which is usually all I can get a shot of

b/c Mr. Bossy is a destination kind of a guy)

front door header detail…wow.                                   curved window; not as easy as a square                                                                                                     one, but this was a detail guy


Anthropologie, eat your heart out…you’ve got nothing on a 100 years in a Montana winter for the aging process.

plaster with lots of layers and lots of weather to get this amazing effect

old bits of peeling wallpaper…there aren’t words


lath ceiling and lath and plaster walls with only the stone outside wall peeking through. Brrrrr…..only bits of the hay insulation are left.  Those would have been cold winters!


tears of joy


complete with gate (that is open) and the always present hunters warning

would I be able to live in a city?  And give all of this up?  I think not.

Take away:  when trespassing on railroad owned land, be sure to be related to someone who built the railroad 100 years ago(can be good conversation starter) and smile to the truckload of workers as you pull away(just in case you want to come back–maybe they will remember you as friendly).

‘visit an old stone house’ merit badge complete!



9 Responses to “the old stone house”

  1. Jolene Crites

    Hey Holly! Our mutual friend over at Montana Prairie Tales told me about your blog – I’m so happy to have a peek at how everyone is doing your way! As soon as I saw the stone house, I had to laugh – because we’ve done the same thing! My dad knew the owner through his job w/ BLM, so he gave us a tour. When we went there were occupants – the cows! It’s a truly neat place and it’s hard not to imagine what it was like back when it was new and there was a very happy farm wife living there! At least that’s how I like to think about it! Good to “see” you again and say “hi”!

  2. Holly

    Jolene, so good to hear from you! I need to get rockin on these posts! We are lucky to know that Montana Prairie Tales gal and her farmer husband, aren’t we? Hope all is well with you guys. Thanks for coming over to camp t2 for a visit! Holly

  3. Holly L

    That is gorgeous. Look at all that perfection…I am getting my bags packed, ya know!

  4. Susan Beth

    Green with envy here! Love that house and your photos capture details that are wonderful and important and beautiful in their aging glory!

  5. Joellyn

    Such a cool old stone house! And great photos to capture the details. Said prairie tales gal here hoping you’ll come visit a sort of old brick house someday soon! :)

  6. Holly

    We can’t wait! Will will celebrate the end of baseball and soccer and school schedules by coming up to a retro stone house in the middle of a dry land farming field. It just sounds good, doesn’t it? If we had a little stone vacay cottage in between us, we could meet in the middle on weekends! Hmmm…

  7. taradara

    Hey Holly,
    I love the pictures!!! I’m waiting for another post just to see what you have up your sleeve!
    xo taradara

  8. Holly

    Right now I have end of school year craziness up my sleeve. Finishing our art year for grades 1 and 2, and every sport and field trip imaginable, but after this week is over, I plan on many summer adventure posts that will keep Montana fresh in your mind. (smile) Thanks for the visit! H

  9. Lewis Hughes

    I love roadtrips! Whenever I feel stressed at work or at home, a roadtrip would always be my stress reliever.

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