breakfast fly-in: Willsal, MT

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9:30 pm text from our super great pilot friend:
What are you doing for breakfast tomorrow am?
(*My heart skips a beat because I think this question may have something to do with a small airplane.*)
I’m here, what’s up?
Breakfast fly-in over to Wilsall, what do you think?
When and where?
6:30 at Sunbird Aviation.
What’s the scoop?
A farmer over there cuts a strip in his pasture for a landing strip, the aviation club makes a hot breakfast, and a bunch of  guys with cool vintage planes fly in for breakfast and then head over to the air show in Three Forks.
Oh yeah!  I’m in!
*tomorrow morning’s plan is in motion, now if I can just get to sleep.  I’m like a sled dog just before the race:  tail wagging, barking happy.*
{tail wing view as we fly through ‘the gap’}
My “best way to spend a day ” is neatly wrapped up in a little metal flying machine–soaring through the air in a small plane is ‘it’ for me; watching the ground below and seeing the world go by with people buzzing about, or the still of peaceful meadows and winding streams, and  I think ….yes, I see’.
The people that fly these planes are passionate about not only flight, but in the preservation and continued use of these vintage models.  Some are even kit planes, which means they come in parts and pieces and you put them all together.  This kind of passion and dedication is contagious.  Amazing to see the love of aviation put out there in this way; INSPIRING!

The take away from this post: find your “peaceful easy feeling, happy/charged” and do it whenever the opportunity arrises.  Different from the to do lists, the need to’s, the should’s, the lovely little bits of this or that. This one is in a category all by its little self.
Please tell me what yours is….what fills you with a spirit of adventure?
Enjoy the ride.
July 2010
pilots Lindsey and Bill; Bill’s mamma and me
{ cowboy coffee over the fire, local bacon, and Cindy K’s famous hotcakes }
I promise close up food pics and the recipe  for this summer’s fly-in

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  1. Susan Beth

    WHOO HOO! What a blast!

    Got you in my favorites now – post often ‘cuz I like to check blogs frequently!

    Off to read your old posts!

  2. Holly

    Susan Beth, glad to be in your favorites…now i just need to post often! summer will be full of inspiring content! holly

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