Easter @ our house 2011

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Easter 2011 agenda:

1.Wake up to treats

2.Get ready and go to church

3.Eat a yummy lunch with grandparents and friends

4.Hide and find eggs

*5.  See what happens to eggs when lit on fire, etc.

*addendum to the regularly scheduled activities

I know most people have pictures of beautifully dyed eggs, sweet children, and green grass for their Easter photos.  I have those too….but then I have these as well.  It’s like the before the hunt and then what to do with the eggs after.  Egg salad sandwiches?  I think not.  Batting practice and gasoline with a golf club…yes.  I don’t have words.  I was thinking a nice game of Bocce ball in the back yard would work.  Don’t let your young boys see this. Mine is already going to need therapy.


As it turns out, gas is volatile, as we all learned in chemistry 101.  Don’t worry guys, my brother was there to get raw footage, so we’ll let y’all know when it’s on utube.

Moms out there, don’t judge me.  You never really know who you’ve married until the holidays come around…and maybe mid-life comes knocking.  Maybe I shouldn’t post this.

11 Responses to “Easter @ our house 2011”

  1. Holly…this is too funny. What is it with boys and wanting to set things on fire? I remember one time when our best friends in Memphis wanted to get rid of this deer statue thing (one of those made of twisted tree limbs) that someone left in their front yard. How did they decide to get rid of it? Oh just set it on fire in the backyard in the middle of Memphis!

    I’m happy you’ve posted something! :)

  2. Holly

    I’m glad to hear that I am not alone in this area. That sounds like a funny scene, too. You should see July 4 over here. I would say we should have you guys over for it, but I’m not sure more encouragement is the safest option. Ha! Thanks for stopping by…I’m slowly rebuilding my site since the crash, happy to see that you stopped by! Holly

  3. Rachel

    Hey, Friend! I love this post. You know I can totally relate. :-)

  4. Holly

    I know! Our guys were cut from the same cloth…4th of July…
    Kkeps it interesting, right? Love your blog already, Rachel!

  5. Joellyn

    Wish we could have seen that- hilarious!

  6. Jen

    OMG, Holly! That is hysterical! An Easter to remember, for sure! Is that your beautiful white house in the background? Still dying to see your home and land.

  7. Karen

    All I know is that everything Holly does, is done in style, including lighting easter eggs on fire.

  8. Holly

    You are my biggest fan. Thanks for the love! Holly

  9. Holly

    Jen, Yes, that is our white house in the background. I feel lucky that we didn’t have to call the fire department b/c the back yard was on fire along with the pyro, my brother, and all of the children. I’ll be shooting some summer shots of the back porch, since it is as big as our living room. Gotta be outside as much as possible when summer finally arrives here. I’ll work on those shots and let you know first thing! Good to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! Holly

  10. Kathy

    Holly OMG this looks like such a fun way to spend Easter! Next year I hope mine is as… exciting shall we say, as yours! :) Hope you’re doing well!

  11. Holly

    Kathy, hope yours is safer. From the sounds of things, you guys have husbands that could go here pretty easily. This didn’t send to you when I first sent it, so here goes, again. Hope red blonde and burlap is going well! Holly

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