starting over & happy easter

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Grace.  Diplomacy.  Perspective.

This is how I want to look as I deal with the fact that in the two weeks this blog has been up and running, about half of its short life has been crashed in one major way or another. First there was the unheard of server crash in Salt Lake that downed not only my site, but many others with it(bad,bad,bad hackers).  Three day delay, ok…we’ll switch and start over.  Then things went smoothly for 5 or so days and then the spam started rolling in at an obnoxious rate….and then nothing.  Or should I say ‘forbidden’ which was all you could find on my site because once again hackers had come along to use my site to spread spam like wildfire, then to delete all of my uploaded images–yes, even those great ones in the why WHITE post–so they could cover their tracks and the feds couldn’t find out who they are or how they did it.  Never mind that I am a brand new blogger, getting my sea legs and trying to play ‘catch up’ and get these little posts put together and out to the world.  So instead of losing it, I decided to focus on the peace in it.

I love this picture for this post b/c Audry has this wry little look of hmmmm.   It’s the little twinkle of knowing and not being tainted by what she knows, she just knows, is cute about it and goes on.  So, on the eve of this beautiful Easter day, I find myself happy for so much.  I didn’t have to watch my son die on a cross to carry the world’s sin, and it is a time for the renewal and rebirth of so much.  It is also a lil time for the renewal of my blog, its look, and for me to keep the focus on what I want to share and not on the perfection of the world and all that is in it.  Maybe these little lessons along the way are my reminder to let perfectionism die and to let peace grow up in its place.  I still don’t like hackers(mean) or the fact that I have little question marks where all of my images once were, or that we are paying for everything to be redone, but I am grateful for small reminders to keep it real and to keep sight of my motives.

Happy Easter to all.

These old post cards are my favorite decorations for holidays.  Fun to give them a new life as decor.  Sweet words.

Here’s to being thankful for Jesus’ greatest sacrifice for us and for rebirth and renewal and for all that is lovely and true.


….and here’s to plastic horses mixed into your simple little easter table arrangement by your 8 year old…..life is good.

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  1. Joellyn

    Love you, girl! Stick it out and it will be worth it. I want to see the images from your white post. :) I’ll be back.

  2. Holly

    Thanks for the support and the sweet logo(love)!
    Here’s to trying something new.
    Love you too! H

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